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At 4505 Burgers and BBQ we take pride in enriching our community by putting sustainable and delicious food within everyone’s reach. We believe our team and our people are a vital part of our success.
As a team member of 4505 Burgers and BBQ you can feel and taste the love. Our food is prepared with humanely raised animals and made with love. Our team members enjoy one free meal per shift. We foster a sense of community by caring for each other and showing that together we succeed better. We know adulting is hard and to show you (we got your back) (love and support) we offer you commuter benefits and medical benefits. All employees enjoy a discount to enjoy our delicious sustainable food even when they are not working. On the subject of not working, we know that while you are in the store or in the office you’ll be working hard. But we want you to enjoy yourself and not worry about adulting too much when you are off, we offer our managers unlimited paid time off (PTO) and the rest of our team members accrued PTO as well as paid holidays.
Community is at the core of what we do. We partner and support our community through local nonprofits, children’s programs, families and food. We are a growing business because we engage and support our people and sustainable business practices. We work hard and we take pride in our work, but we never forget that we work hard with laughter and a smile! Eat Good Do Good have fun and come join us!
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About 4505 Burgers & BBQ

Welcome to 4505 Burgers & BBQ. 4505 Meats began as a whole animal meat company in San Francisco, founded by Ryan Farr with immeasurable help from family and friends in 2009.
Here at 4505 Burgers & BBQ, we partner with farmers and ranchers to produce the highest quality BBQ from animals raised humanely and with care. Equipped with one of the area’s last remaining historic wood-fired barbecue pits, we are informed by the traditions and styles that have come before us, and we honor the greats who have stoked the pits in the wee hours of the night.
From 4505’s very beginning when Ryan started selling Chicharrones at the Farmer’s Market, we have strived to keep it simple and always follow our stomachs. We respect those who’ve come before us, but we do things our own way, the 4505 way.


  • Unlimited PTO
  • Performance bonus up to 25% of salary compensation
  • $1,000 hiring referral bonus
  • Phone Reimbursement
  • Medical, Vision and Dental insurance

Job Purpose

The Chef is an exemplary individual tasked with setting the example of 4505 values, mission, and beliefs. The chef drives organization, food quality, employee experience and daily kitchen operations. The chef works with high quality meats and products to change the way our guests eat BBQ. The chef is a leader in our restaurant that others look to for direction, management, and learn from.


Qualifications include,

  • Must be available for day and evening shifts including weekends and holidays and work 50+ hours per week on salary.
  • Ability to coordinate multiple deadlines and priorities simultaneously.
  • 5 years of line, kitchen experience is preferred.
  • Professional demeanor and appearance are required.
  • Able to safely lift up to 50 pounds, able to reach, bend, stoop.
  • Full understanding of health and safety inspection protocols and ability to coordinate and communicate inspections.
  • Work in a fast pace environment under high pressure circumstances.
  • Ability to communicate successfully with team members and guests.
  • Food handling certification.
  • Microsoft office proficient, basic office skills and paperwork skills required.
  • Be punctual.
  • Communicate with kindness and respect.
  • Ability to adhere and follow a rigorous training.
  • General knowledge of BBQ and smoked meats is a plus.
  • Verbal and written Spanish skills a plus.
  • Basic knife skills required, butchering skills a plus.
  • Valid current DMV issued driver’s license a plus.
  • Ability to take and execute direction professionally and successfully from all supervisory team members.
  • Proficient knowledge of California break laws and basic HR knowledge.


I fully understand the job description for the Chef position. I understand this not a limiting overview of the position. In this position job performance is directly tied to the store’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and other metrics. Poor KPI and metrics may result in disciplinary action up to an including termination.

Working Conditions

This position requires multi-tasking and orchestrating several tasks at one time. It may require working late hours, week nights, weekend nights, and holidays. This position may require employees to work in a small space with high temperature and hot surfaces. This position may require working near open fires with wood, smokers and extremely hot open flames. This position may require working in cold temperatures with cold surfaces. Working under high stress circumstances may be required. Working in a loud environment with several conversations, music, and outside noise. Skid and slip resistant foot wear and appropriate clothing are required. This position may require navigating difficult interpersonal conversations, managing personal information, conducting terminations and onboardings. It may be required to drive to and from for deliveries and/or offsite events that may expose employee to traffic and other drivers as well as driving a car, refueling, and presenting mileage reimbursement when using personal vehicles. This position may expose employees to homeless individuals. The working conditions of this position may expose employee to close proximity to a children’s school.

Physical Requirements

This position requires standing for extended periods of time in some instances the entirety of the shift not to include break periods and meal periods. Working under hot temperatures near hot cooking surfaces. It may require heavy lifting occasionally and working with sharp utensils particularly sharp knives. It may require the individual to work in cold temperatures. Handle frozen food and handle food that may be contaminated such as raw food and seafood. Standing on cement hard surfaces for extended periods of time. Walking, working, standing, cleaning, and navigating on gravel may be required. May be required to handle difficult employees, difficult guests, homeless individuals, and assist with any other critical operational demand.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Chef duties and responsibilities include the following but are not limited to this overview,
  • Strong multitasking skills.
  • Daily smoking, grilling, and slicing meat.
  • Managing a daily line of 4 to 5 line cooks.
  • Maintain clean and organized work areas follow OSHA guidelines.
  • Check mis-en-place (station set up) and cleanliness.
  • Frequent tasting and quality control to achieve excellent BBQ flavor and quality.
  • Give prompt and courteous response to employee and supervisor requests.
  • Optimize and maintain equipment and report malfunctions.
  • Stock and clean storage areas and walk ins.
  • Anticipate team member needs and take responsibility for team’s success and failure.
  • Ability to work any station to cover breaks and/or fill in when needed.
  • Anticipate when supplies will be low and keep a tight inventory based on fluctuating business demand.
  • Strong expediting skills for a quick order cook line.
  • Manage prep list, ordering and invoicing.
  • People management, time clocks, interpersonal skills, staff scheduling, and labor maintenance corrective action.
  • Maintain food cost, labor cost and adjust time clock punches.
  • Write and keep BOH scheduling with at least two weeks of scheduling posted in advance.
  • Self-directed leadership skills.
  • Communicate in a professional, positive, and respectful manner with all team members and guests.
  • Attend required meetings and participate in team trainings.
  • Assist in cleaning projects, deep cleaning, cleaning up irregular messes including back areas, restrooms, guest areas, employee areas, stock rooms, coolers, sweeping.
  • Manage breaks and substitute for employees while they enjoy their breaks.
  • Be the point person for FOH staff as well as BOH staff in conjunction with FOH management.
  • Write and keep BOH scheduling with at least two weeks of scheduling posted in advance.
  • May be required to deliver via a car offsite deliveries and caterings and work offsite on occasion for special events.

Job types: Full-time, Part-time

Work location: On-site

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