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Assure that all food is always prepped, cooked and plated consistently, adhering to the excellent development and plating neatness and attractiveness as originally developed by Batch & Brine.

 Motivate kitchen team to work with integrity, honesty and in a spirit that promotes care, pride and excellence in what they produce for our restaurant guests.

 Ensure that restaurant is following legal and operational compliance requirements.

 Review kitchen environment to identify problems, concerns and opportunities for improvement, and provide coaching to the staff to take action and achieve operational excellence.

 Conduct Operational Evaluations and follow ups to assure corrections and improvements are executed in a timely manner.

 Along with Owners, plan and communicate company standards to kitchen team to ensure smooth flow of operations.

 Guide kitchen staff to follow action plans that assure they meet operational objectives, excellence and profit expectations. Follow through with their progress by implementing measurement tools.

 Provide staff with feedback and coach on opportunities to improve kitchen performance.

 Develop and maintain positive relationship with staff

 Follow process for Back of House and execute timely completion of necessary Administrative/Human Resources paper work.

 Perform all duties of an Executive Chef, such as training Preps, Cooks, Expos, maintaining a clean, organized and efficient Back of House, assure PARS are correctly set and fresh sufficient food and kitchen items are always available, assure kitchen equipment is maintained in good working condition, assure that sufficient paper products and liquids are sufficiently on hand as needed, maintaining strong relationships with our product vendors, bringing appropriate new vendors to our table if a good fit, occasionally performing Expo or running food, taking care of our customers by paying visits to the front of the house to pleasantly chat with guests for purpose of promoting good will and gaining valuable guest insights, and most importantly creating new and exciting menu items that fit our concept.

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