Our Story

At Benziger, we’re about three things: family, great wine and healthy vineyards. For more than thirty years, we’ve farmed our ranch on Sonoma Mountain and searched Sonoma County for the most distinctive and expressive vineyards. Once found, we tend these sites using certified Biodynamic, organic and sustainable farming methods. The result is a portfolio of authentic and memorable wines.

Winemaking & Biodynamics

Benziger Bottles

Around here we like to think our wines have character and conscience. This means that they’re not only great in the glass, they’re grown in a way that’s good for the environment, too.

Every wine in our portfolio – from our family line to Signaterra to Tribute to de Coelo – carries a third party certification of green farming practices. Whether the vineyard is certified sustainable, organic or Biodynamic, it’s carefully tended with the most eco-responsible methods available.

We don’t just farm this way because we think caring for the land is the right thing to do, it also happens to be the best way to make distinctive, authentic wines. By treating our vineyards the best way we know how, we’re making wines we’re really proud of. And that is good for, well, everybody.

Explore the differences between sustainable, organic and Biodynamic approaches on our Green Farming page.

Animals & Gardens

Animals and beneficial gardens play an important part in our Biodynamic farming techniques. Watch the below videos for more information about how both contribute to healthy vines.


Our sheep are not only cute, but they play a vital role in the removal of overgrown cover crop. They replace the need for mowing, disking, and spraying herbicides; they aerate the soil while continuously depositing nutrient-rich fertilizer throughout the vineyard.


Our small herd of Scottish Highlander cattle provides more than just organic manure; they bring a certain sense of peace and serenity to the vineyard.


Birds are important to the vineyard because they naturally prey on smaller animals that can be detrimental to the vines. They also help carry seeds and pollinate our garden. See this video on why happy birds live at Benziger Family Winery.

Our Insectory

If you’ve ever taken our Biodynamic Tram Tour, then you have probably experienced our insectory. This is a vital part of our ranch, as it is home to numerous plants and bugs that are critical to the health of our vines. In the insectory, we grow fruits and vegetables for local restaurants, mainly The Glen Ellen Star. We also grow plants that attract beneficial organisms (bugs) that kill other organisms that are harmful to our vineyards. We also grow Valerian, Camomile and other herbs and teas that can be used in our Biodynamic preparations. See below for a gallery of our insectory and then come visit it yourself!


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