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So-You Want to Be an Innkeeper: The Definitive Guide to Operating a Successful Bed-And-Breakfast or Country Inn The long-awaited new edition of this bestselling guide comes highly recommended by both the American Bed and Breakfast Association and the Professional Association of Innkeepers International. The volume contains savvy insider information on how to start, operate, and promote a successful establishment. Illustrations, charts & worksheets.

How To Start and Operate Your Own Bed-and-Breakfast : Down-To-Earth Advice from an Award-Winning B&B Owner

Down to earth advice from an award-winning B&B owner. Illustrated with charming line drawings and lightened by real-life anecdotes, this is an easily accessible guide to an ever growing small-business niche.

Hotel Management and Operations, 3rd Edition

A real-world look at every major aspect of hotel management and operations

Hotel Management and Operations, Third Edition, helps readers to develop the wide-ranging knowledge and analytical skills they need to succeed in today’s burgeoning and dynamic hotel industry. Featuring contributions from 60 leading industry professionals and academics, this comprehensive presentation encourages critical thinking by exposing readers to different viewpoints within a coherent theoretical structure, enabling them to formulate their own ideas and solutions.

Each of the book’s nine parts examines a specific hotel department or activity and presents a variety of viewpoints on the duties, responsibilities, problems, and opportunities encountered there. Multidimensional case studies challenge readers to identify the central issues in complex management problems, understand the structure and resources of the department in question, and find solutions that may involve other hotel resources and departments.

This remarkably well-designed learning tool:
* Covers all hotel departments, from front office to finance, from marketing to housekeeping
* Links advanced theory with real-world problems and solutions
* Encourages critical thinking by presenting differing viewpoints
* Features “As I See It” and “Day in the Life” commentary from young managers
* Provides a solid introduction to every aspect of hotel management

Complete with extensive references and suggestions for further reading, Hotel Management and Operations, Third Edition, is an ideal book for university hospitality programs and management training programs within the hotel industry.

Managing Hotels Effectively: Lessons from Outstanding General Managers

Outstanding explanations and examples, even for experienced hotel professionals. Helps to understand what one is working for at the front office and probably helps to precede with the career in an operational department. The more the front office staff knows about revenue, turnover and yield management the better the effectiveness of work.

Hotel Operations Management

Describing in great depth and detail all areas of hotel administration, this accurate book provides an up-to-date and comprehensive examination of the responsibilities of a hotel general manager. It shares with readers the procedures effective managers use to ensure their hotel’s—and their own—ultimate success. KEY TOPICS This unique approach addresses all of the operating departments of a full-service hotel—Human Resources, Controller, The Front Office, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Safety and Property Security, Sales and Marketing, Facility Engineering and Maintenance—from the viewpoint of the General Manager. It also explores franchise agreements and management contracts, purchasing a hotel, and career opportunities. For current and future hotel general managers, and hotel department heads—i.e., executive housekeepers, directors of sales, controllers, and front office managers.

Ultimate Service: The Complete Handbook to the World of the Concierge

The complete handbook for the world of the concierge. This book was written from first hand experience and addresses all situations involving a hotel concierge from the philosophy to the the paper clips. It is a comprehensive guide to the hotel concierge. It can be used as a textbook or for training purposes as it has lesson plans and workshhets included.

Marketing Leadership in Hospitality : Foundations and Practices

Marketing is the strongest weapon there is for surviving in the hospitality world today. This book helps both students and professionals to make the necessary connection between hospitality businesses and their consumers. A separate chapter on marketing research, plus new case studies and examples, help bring this new edition straight to the cutting edge of hospitality marketing.

Human Resource Management in the Hotel Industry: Strategy, Innovation, and Performance (Routledge Studies in Employment Relations)

Using data from over 200 hotels, Human Resources Management in the Hotel Industry demonstrates that hotels are just as likely to have experimented with new approaches to HRM as are comparable manufacturing establishments. In addition, the book demonstrates how the primary influences on managerial decision-making in the hotel industry are no different from he primary influences on decision-making elsewhere, challenging the argument that management theories developed within the mainstream are inapplicable within the hotel industry, because the industry is somehow ‘different’. Finally, Hoque suggest a strong relationship between HRM and organizational performance, especially where hotels emphasize the importance of service quality enhancement and where they introduce HRM as in integrated, mutually supporting package of practices.

Financial Management for Hospitality Decision Makers

Financial Management for Hospitality Decision Makers is written specifically for those ‘decision makers’ in the industry who need to be able to decipher accountant ‘speak’ and reports in order to use this information to its best advantage and achieve maximum profits.

The area of accounting and finance is a vital but often inaccessible part of the hospitality business. However, having the knowledge and the ability to use it properly makes all the difference to the turnover and success of a business. Financial Management for Hospitality Decision Makers is written specifically for those industry executives who need to be able to decipher, appreciate and utilise valuable financial management tools and techniques in order to realise maximum profits.

Careers in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality

VGM Professional Careers Series Offers high-level information about the many job choices within various professional career fields. Each book provides complete information about a given specialty, including responsibilities, opportunities for advancement, and salaries. An excellent choice for career planning courses offered by professional schools and departments.

Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry

The revised edition of the classic introductory volume to hospitality management
Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry covers all aspects of managing in the business, from operational issues to the role of management. This extensively revised Seventh Edition continues to set itself apart with:
* A new, full-color interior design
* New and revised Internet exercises
* More than 230 photographs, figures, and tables from a diverse cross section of hospitality spots around the world
* Case histories
* Global hospitality notes and industry practice notes
* Chapter review questions
The authors’ accessible treatment makes it easy for students to gain a clear understanding of the size and scope of this expanding industry and what goes into managing it. Introduction to Management in the Hospitality Industry, Seventh Edition is the perfect beginning for students interested in a management career in the hospitality sector.

Hospitality and Tourism Careers: A Blueprint for Success

This is a comprehensive book about the realities of careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. The purpose of this book is to serve as a guide for defining, planning, and managing a career to achieve the maximum fullness and richness that can be obtained from a career in the world of hospitality and tourism.

Hospitality: Lodging, Career Competencies in Marketing Series, Text/Workbook

This competency-based series is designed to give students a competitive advantage as they market themselves to potential employers. Fulfillment of customers’ wants and needs at a fair profit is the focus of each text-workbook.