Our team of retained search specialists partner with our clients through all phases of the recruiting assignment to maintain focus and reach a successful and timely outcome. We put your recruiting investment to work, immediately, so you can:

  • Reach candidates not actively seeking a change
  • Review a broad range of candidates
  • Interview only prescreened, qualified candidates
  • Fill your openings quickly and efficiently
  • Have confidence in the success of your search

Outside the Lines, Inc. Executive Recruiting is a full-service, specialty-focused search firm. We have cultivated a comprehensive network of local, regional, national and international resources in the wine & hospitality industry, and have a database of over 85,000 wine & hospitality professionals of all levels, many not active job seekers. Our newsletter “The Grapevine” can have your opening before ten of thousands of working industry professionals in just hours. Our team handles the placement of candidates within a wide range of positions, including technical, winemaking, mid to senior level management, food & beverage, sommeliers, culinary specialists, sales and marketing, as well as management information systems, human resources, and administration.

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Pre-Employment Assessment

Assessments strengthen the quality of hiring decisions in the wine and hospitality industry by providing an understanding of how the potential candidate integrates emotions into their decision making and interpersonal interactions. They also can be useful in establishing a developmental plan for employees to ensure success within your organization.

Outside the Lines, Inc. offers state of the art assessments for pre-hiring and developmental planning. After we administer an assessment, clients participate in a review by our consulting psychologist, who understands the complexity of human behavior, motivation and the specific competencies needed for a good job fit in the hospitality field. These assessments and behavioral interviews do not test the technical skills of the potential employee, but are instead designed to assess the more crucial elements that compose 75% of job success, including such qualities as motivation, interpersonal skills, problem solving, judgment and management of one’s self and others.

We offer a number of assessment tools that can be combined with behavioral interviewing and are targeted to the needs of the job and the specific qualities needed.

Examples of assessments include:

We use various Leadership Coaching reports that measure capabilities in self management, organizational capabilities, problem solving, team building, team work and sustaining vision. These instruments are invaluable in focusing on personality issues related to management and leadership competencies.

We have a number of assessment tools available that measure the qualities you want in a person who is most suitable to sales or customer service positions. Some of the personality traits measured include assertiveness and sales drive, competitiveness, sociability, patience, need for direction and attention to organization and detail.

We would be glad to discuss your specific needs and help you explore the competencies needed for your available position. Assessment tools can be taken as paper and pencil tests or online.

Behavioral interviews are conducted by Holly Seaton, Ph.D.  Call (516) 256-0101.