Your Home in the Wine Country

Emersion into the Napa Valley way of life begins with vaulted ceilings, natural light, beautiful views, comfortable furnishings, glowing fireplaces and private terraces, all of which invite you to breathe, stretch, relax and fully enjoy all that surrounds you at Meadowood.


Dining at Meadowood Napa Valley

The Restaurant at Meadowood offers a casually elegant dining experience featuring a modern approach to Napa Valley cuisine by Chef Christopher Kostow. “Approachable, dynamic, evocative and playful.”

The Food

We strive for seriousness, for meaning, and for permanence in our cooking. We attempt to cook in service to the place in which we find ourselves–hoping that, if we succeed in doing so well, that we may cement our legacy within this greater thing. We hold the thread of the multitudes of collaborators and of a history shared by chefs and cooks that have preceded us. We try to do things right in how we shop and cook; how we approach the sanctity of the products that we grow and procure; how we teach and mentor and support our team. We are relentless in trying to make the food better, more delicious, more relevant, more singular, more personal. We are smart enough to know that this is a forever task, yet impetuous enough to try to still do it all today. Our food is what we give of ourselves. It is at once our daily efforts and their culmination.

Napa Valley Wine Experiences at Meadowood

Ninety-six percent of Napa Valley wineries are family owned. And we know all the legendary families by name! Hundreds of legendary wines, passionate vintners, exceptional winery tours of Napa Valley and memorable experiences await. Allow us to introduce you!

The enjoyment of wine is a part of life at Meadowood. Each afternoon resort guests are invited to come together for a tasting of outstanding Napa Valley wines. We typically feature two varietals, one red and one white. On Friday afternoons our tradition is to share a Napa Valley sparkling wine to welcome the weekend. If you choose to join us you’ll enjoy the company of fellow guests along with spirited discussions about the wines being tasted and colorful stories about our local vintners.


The Meadowood Spa

Your experience begins with a warm welcome and unfolds with the skilled and intuitive touch of our therapists. It truly transcends the four walls of the building to encompass the beautiful, expansive acreage of our private Napa Valley estate.


Meadowood Weddings

Small steps across the lawn, friends and family alongside, the sun overhead, tender vows, first kiss.

Beautiful, joyful, everlasting perfection. Flowers, vases, ribbons, music, lacy flower girls, satin shoes, sighs, smiles, laughter, toasts, long embraces, long life together. We would be honored to share in the planning of your wedding day.

We understand Napa Valley destination weddings like no one else. You and your guests will enjoy both the beauty and privacy of our estate as well as memorable experiences in the surrounding wineries and vineyards if that is your desire. Napa Valley weddings are nothing short of magical.

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